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I've worked on several projects now, with vastly different businesses - from veterinary centres to charities, and restaurants. My work has no limits; except to help the local Sidmouth business community find their feet on the web - starting, of course, with a brand new website to show them off!

I know how reliant I am on the web to provide me with daily answers and help me find solutions to real-world issues. Put simply, I feel businesses that don't engage with the web are losing out on hundreds of potential, local, customers like me.


For all my work that I put in along with the maintenance, regular updates, and general support with your existing infrastructure, you won't find a more reasonable price.

New Exciting
Otter Vets

I'm pleased to have worked with the owners of Otter Vets before on a previous project.

After several conversations, I drafted and purposed their brand new website concept. Designed to be simple and have the user only a couple of clicks away from what they need.

Visually, the website matches the new logo and compliments it well. The website hosts new features, like being able to register your pet with them over the web - making it easier, and more convent for new customers to register their interest

Their new website launched on March 1st 2019, and you can have a look at it here.

Otter Vets logo
1st Sid vale

Founded in 1913 it provides young people with the chance to learn skills they wouldn't normally get to in the classroom and give them experiences they'll never forget such as sleeping under the stars, hikes and much more.

Their brand new Scout Hut Centre, as seen here on their website, was a chance for me a chance to help them bring update their online presence with a brand new website with information about hiring the new hut.


As a member of Scouting since I was a Cub and progressing through the sections to Young Leaders, this project was close to my heart and I wanted to give back to a great Scout Group and the wider community. Working closely with 1st Sid Vale Scout Group, I brought new beautiful photos to their site, with the help of Tom, and updated their brand. I've also worked with them on new ways of marketing/branding online.

Their website launched on March 7th 2017, and you can have a look here.

1st Sid Vale - logo
Interested in joining other businesses, charities and story-tellers online?

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